A Different Point of View

I’m becoming a pin cushion and I like it! Between the Myo Clinic in Victoria and my newest treatment GUNN IMS I’m surprised water doesn’t trickle from me after I have a glass of water.

Dr. Lau had suggested a few months back before her clinic opened that her next recommended form of treatment for me was IMS. I was a little nervous heading into this one as I’ve heard it can be quite uncomfortable and painful. I’ll quote from UBC’s site on IMS that IMS “utilizes acupuncture needles because they are the thinnest implements available that are designed to penetrate deep within muscle tissue, specifically targets injured muscles that have contracted and become shortened from distress.” Oh I had nothing to fear and so much to gain.

I’ll back track a bit…Dr. Lau told my husband and I about this doctor in BC who contracted CRPS and then treated himself with IMS and guess what he cured himself. Those of us know who have CRPS that if the condition is caught within the early stages it can be reversed or cured. This gentleman that I speak of is none other than Dr. Chan Gunn, who discovered the treatment itself GUNN IMS while working for the Workman’s Compensation Board back in the 70’s. He now travel’s the world teaching his treatment and instructs out of UBC.

More information on the GUNN IMS and Dr. Chan Gunn can be found at http://www.ubcgunnims.com

During my first treatment Dr. Lau started at my sacrum and proceeded up one side of my spine and down the other. Sounds simple enough, I was nervous but ready. The initial start was painful and I quickly started my deep breathing techniques to get me through. Dr. Lau starts at the spine where the nerve root may have become irritated and are supersensitive. The UBC site explains perfectly how excatly IMS works so here you go…”Penetration of a normal muscle is painless; however, a shortened, supersensitive muscle will โ€˜graspโ€™ the needle in what can be described as a cramping sensation. The result is threefold. One, a stretch receptor in the muscle is stimulated, producing a reflex relaxation (lengthening). Two, the needle also causes a small injury that draws blood to the area, initiating the natural healing process. Three, the treatment creates an electrical potential in the muscle to make the nerve function normally again. The needle used in IMS, by stimulating muscle spindles, essentially becomes a specific and unique tool for the diagnosis of Neuropathic Muscle Pain.”
For the next 30 minutes I endured needle after needle(I swear next time I’ll count) the pain was intense as the needle hit that spot where the muscle cramps. The needle is left there until it releases the band and blood is drawn. I was thankful Dr. Lau kept me distracted with conversation too, that always helps me. About two-thirds through the treatment Dr.Lau noted my body jerks had stopped! I think I was still in shock from the treatment that it really didn’t sink in for me. I have had uncontrolled body jerks for the last 2 years, they became so severe my back was starting to go out as a result. The Mylan-baclofen 60mg a day has reduced them to a tolerable level but none the less they would happen at any given time. I could just be sitting on the couch, or reading, they would increase when noise or light became too strong,sitting beside a blender I would have 5 jerks in a row. Enroute home after the treatment I noted only a couple of body jerks, well it is now 3 weeks after my 1st GUNN IMS Treatment and I’m delighted to share NO More Body Jerks!! yahoo! The true test was last week at our Weekly Coffee Social, the blender started and not a single jerk! I’m currently still taking the Mylan-baclofen as I’ve just reduced other meds and need some time to level out those first.

We’re in Vancouver this week for my 2nd IMS and my next Ketamine Infusion. On Wednesday everything went as expected for the IMS, I was ready for it so no shock to get over. Dr Lau once again started at my spine and treated both sides to my sacrum. I mentioned my migraines returning again every two weeks and was over the moon when she then focused on the base of my neck to the base of my skull. I described my pain pre-treatment as though a bowling ball was lodged behind my neck. Yesterday I was sore but in good spirits that once again this treatment will work. This morning as I sit at St. Paul’s waiting for my Ketamine my bowling ball is gone ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel a sort of ease within my body today, ketamine will soon be flowing and look forward to a few days of recovery ahead of me.



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4 Responses to A Different Point of View

  1. Katalin says:

    Awesome Awesome news Trudy, so very happy that all is going so well:)


  2. Joan Head says:

    You continue to be an inspiration and go to extremes for pain relief! Dr.Lau and Dr. Gunn are truly blessed to have such a positive role model patient as you. Keep having faith in yourself and your Golden Medical Team!
    Sp proud of you!! Xx


    • Thank-you Mom!
      Extremes…maybe but what’s a little more pain when you already live in it ๐Ÿ™‚ There will be better days still ahead, but I know that when I’m surrounded by my family and great friends there is joy in every day!

      Love you Mom & Dad


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